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21 Testimonials and Rebounding Progress Reports



Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D. CNSCustomer progress reports by e-mail:
"...at the club we use all 17 ReboundAIRs on a regular basis... it will be nine months now... only replaced one spring... the rebounders still look new. It's our favorite aerobics class we offer!" -Jed Hanson, Manager, South Valley Gym, Payson, UT


"Hi Darren, I'm another HUGE fan (get it?) of Biggest Loser and started doing workouts with your mini-trampoline after watching it on the show. It's such a fun way to exercise and with the right moves can be such an effective workout." -Carly Murphy, Los Angeles, CA


"I'm a previous owner and facebook fan.  I recently gave it to a friend [Quarter Fold ReboundAIR], and am now ordering a new one.  Love it!!!" -Karen Hubbard


"...I'm greatly enjoying my reboundair and the $400.00 I saved by not buying a treadmill. I'm losing fat by the handfulls, feeling terrific and having a blast with my rebounder. Of course I'm following a diet too.
...The thing that first struck me when I pulled it out of the box is the quality of it. The workmanship is top notch. I would like to add that a feature I didn't notice your website mention is the fact that no assembly is required. Just unfold and you're ready to jump to it. Again, thank you for your high quality product and the free gifts."
-Margaret Baker of North Augusta, SC



RE: Open Heart Surgery Record Breaking Rehabilition Using a ReboundAIR

View Large Picture: Recovery Using ReboundAIR!Dear Andrew (of OpenSky.com),
I just might have one of the rarest, olympic gold medal excuses for the delay in replying to your message! I am only putting in a few hours a day right now, at home and here in the office, as my energy permits.  When we last chatted on the phone, would you believe I was recovering from a birth defect and heart valve repair? Hard to believe? YES. However, rather than describe the amazing event, I can SHOW you on YouTube!
I star in my very own 20 minute highlights documentary which includes anatomy close-ups, state-of-the-art procedure explanations, as narrated and edited by Dr. John R. Doty, Team Leading Transthoracic Surgeon!

How is recovery going? As smooth as possible, I think.   Among his patients of ANY age, I am setting fastest blood pressure stabilization and heart rate normalization records by carefully using a ReboundAIR + a garden fresh diet + "Cell Food" + gratefully receiving plenty of blessings as the result of prayer.  Right now, gentle rebounding and slow walking are the only aerobic / lymphatic stimulating / safe "healing-promoting" physical activities that don't hurt me (this side of sleeping)!"

View YouTube Rebounding Rehabilitation VideosOpen Heart Performed August 9th, 2010:  Mitral Valve Repair, Complete Life Support & Circulation Bypass
Part 1: How to Mend a Broken Heart -- Open Chest, Valve Repair...
Heart and body provided by Darren Carter, age 41, father of 3 + 1 on the way, Registered Cardiac Sonographer, Timpanogos Hospital, Orem, UT. & Web Developer, ReboundAIR.com...
by DaddyCoachDarren | 2 week ago | 131 views
Darren's recovering using rebounding!

Part 2: How to Mend a Broken Heart -- Test Valve, Chest Closure...
Know-how, narration and video editing provided by the very talented Dr. John R. Doty...by DaddyCoachDarren | 2 weeks ago | 57 views



"...do they [competitors] mud sling because they try to compensate for something they lack? I started noticing similarities to politicians, the ones I DON'T end up voting for..."

"...is this how they choose to sell their equipment or perhaps they suffer by comparison and tired of playing catch-up for decades? I'm old enough to remember Al's books in the late 70's, his tape lectures in the 80's." "...I used to rebound regularly and want to get back into it. I have since gained some unwanted weight and now more than ever want to protect my joints."

"I heard Al is still in the business and his team is still leading the movement. Good to hear about his new reboundair make of mini tramplines from a few contacts and I started looking for it on-line. I read solid reviews and heard recommendations from users, on the contrary, every competitor tried to strike fear in me without exception on their websites..." "...Isn't it like the student putting their leg out into the isle to trip the professor as he walks by?" -Benjamin Dean, August 14th, 2010


Survey question at end of our order page: Why did you purchase today?
"My sister Diana Kaaha, who makes exercise and diet videos, says yours is the best. I've been using a needak but she tells me the reboundair brand is significantly superior." -Cat Bordhi, May 26th, 2010

"I was doing research for Juicing and came across mention of a different brand of exercise trampoline and then did further research.  My instinct, along with reviews brought me to the purchase of the ReboundAir.  I look forward to the low impact workout." -Jennifer Swezey, June 14th, 2010

"Dr. Asa Andrew's radio show recommended it.  I thought maybe it is something I'll actually do while watching the news!" -Cyd O'Rourke

Join us on Facebook! Christy Poston just commented on Facebook, "Well, I can already let you know some of the results. 1. More energy, 2. increased body strength, especially in my legs and core, 3. Mood enhancement, 4. Stomach area has tightened up. All of these benefits were visable within 2 weeks! I couldn't believe it!" ...more on our Facebook Fitness Fan Page.

What are Rebound Exercise friends doing right now?
Many weight loss reports and wellness support groups are found on ReboundAIR's FACEBOOK FAN PAGE. Seeing improvements? Having some struggles? Enjoying success? Having FUN?
Share with us!



"Dear Al and Darren,

Hope you've had a bounding week 'cause we sure have. Sandy bounded all the way across the Atlantic to Casablanca where she has been speaking to an American-Moroccan business summit this week. AND, I have received our two rebounders from ReboundAir! 

I just took the Ultimate Quarter Folding Rebounder out of it's box. As an engineer (and as someone with firsthand knowledge of "N brand"), I am blown away by the genius and simplicity of the design, the quality of the materials, and the flawlessness of the workmanship. I even noticed the washers you use inside the bottom of the feet. Brilliant! I found this woefully lacking in the N brand where I had to install these myself on all new feet after repeatedly ripping through when bounding on carpeting or rugs. Even the quality of materials used in the feet is obviously superior. Plus, the sheer ease of assembly. I had it open with legs fully secured in less than two minutes. And that was even after taking a browse through the owners manual.

The carrying bag, the dolly. The entire product is top shelf. Truly a thing of beauty, precision and function.

I also listened to your CD (wish it had been a video as I would love to see you in action -- did you say you recently turned 67?). You, sir, are the Zig Ziglar of the exercise industry. Enjoyed it thoroughly and I also felt I got to know Darren a bit more by watching him in Keep on Rebounding. Well done! I now can speak for Sandy when I say how absolutely delighted we are!  

I will tweet about the Ultimate Bounder over the weekend.

Let's plan to talk about this on the show very soon.
Thanks again for this outstanding equipment! Have a great weekend!"

-Patrick Peartree, Travel Talk Radio


Feel free to use all or part of the below unsolicited testimonial.Any questions or comments?  Join us!

Very impressive.  Two days after I ordered my trampoline, it's at my doorstep via UPS, which makes the shipping cost a deal.  A cinch to set up.  And, oh, the thrill of the feel of it!  I keep a cheap $36 trampoline next to the ReboundAIR bouncer so people can feel the dramatic difference.  In the last 2 months I bought 5 of those cheap ones--3 went kaput in short order.  Thank you for keeping your standards high."

-Inger Grape, Kelseyville, CA


Comments? Questions?

"I recently purchased one of your quarter-folding mini trampolines and I've been wanting to thank you ever since. My only excuse for not doing so before is that I spend all my spare time on it.
...You should have seen the grin on my face. And the way my body felt!
...It's literally the best purchase I've made for myself in the past 15 years, definitely the one I feel the happiest about.
...I do physical therapy and teach body and movement awareness so I'm aware of what damages can result from poor equipment, and you should have seen some of the contraptions I've been offered over time.
...it is the ultimate tool for taking responsibility for our own health..."

-Jean-Pierre Suave, Montreal, Canada

"It’s wonderful!!! I LOVE it!!! I’m so pleased to have this great way of exercising right in my own home, and I’m REALLY glad I have the easy-to-use half-fold. Thank you SO MUCH for your patience and help with the whole process of getting started; you have my sincere gratitude both for your helpfulness and for the rebounder itself. I know I’ll get a lot of use out of it, and my health, spirits, and fitness levels will all benefit. THANKS again for service and kindness above and beyond the call of duty".

-Rachel Kranz

"I can't thank you enough for this exciting, fun way to exercise! It has turned something that used to be drudgery into something I look forward to every day. Through combination of diet and exercise, I have lost 23 pounds and two clothing sizes."


"Already have 3 other makes. I want the best!!!"

-John Paul McCarthy, MD. Apopka, Fl.


"I just wanted to write to you to tell you how wonderful for and essential to the therapy and daily life of my son with autism spectrum your ReboundAIR is. Our son is 5'11' at age 15 and about 150 lbs. He is extremely athletic and runs like the wind. This is his extraordinary gift. But ironically, with the autism, he runs out the door and down the street. With the ReboundAIR he is able to get his exercise without putting his life at the risk of getting hit by a car or being lost. He adores your rebounder and uses it at least an hour a day. He will intermittently get on the reboundair and jump from 3 to 5 minutes. He is very adept at using the Rebounder and would be utterly lost without it.

With many autistic children there is a real problem with what is called "elopement" which means they run off and do not have a real sense of danger. Sometimes their ability to get exercise is compromised severely as a result. Between the Rebounder and the fact that our son considers doing sit ups to be recreation, his is very well built, has a sense of his surroundings that he responds to and he is much more normal in his bearing and demeanor. The Rebounder is an integral and absolutely necessary part of our son's ongoing therapy.

With sincere best regards for the continued success of your ReboundAIR,

- Kate Baker

"I started rebounding 28 days ago. My immune system was so shot and I was tired of being tired and sick. I started with the gentle "health bounce" for 15 min in the morning and 15 min in the evening. I also began a sensible diet to help cut down food allergies etc. My main objective is to get my lymphatic system moving and find some type of exercise I could do without re-injuring my knee (I had the ACL replaced back in 93 and I tore the cartilage off the bone, so no more running or much of anything without severe pain and bleeding in the joint!) so, needless to say, I have been desperate to find an exercise I could do that wouldn't irritate the bones in my knee.

I began to lose weight immediately! Muscle tone, improved breathing, no more ear aches or sore throats and my allergies are clearing up!!!!! WOW.
I'm up to 38 min in the am and I do about 15 at night. I decided to look up rebounding on the web to find out more about it-need I say more? I found the ReboundAIR™ and ordered the book and a video for myself and one for my children.

I've been using the "Keep on Rebounding" video for about 2 weeks. I have lost a total of 15 lbs. since I started. I'm toned, slim, my skin is clear and glowing. I still haven't gotten all the moves down in the video, but my knee has strengthened enough to keep my balance and I can at least keep going to the end. My mom started about a week ago and my HUSBAND started about 3 days ago.

I haven't had any pain, I love the results and I'm thinking about getting certified in reboundology and putting an ad in my children's school handout to teach anyone else who wants to learn. It's amazing. I am very excited about this and I love my Quarter Fold ReboundAIR™, it's so much nicer than the one I picked up at a 2nd hand sports place. Even less impact on my knee and joints. I could add a list of things that have improved, but I figure this is long enough.

Thanks for a great product and for a great video!"

- Stephanie Jemmett


"I've been rebounding for some time now. My initial motivation was lymphatic health. I have found that I can rebound every day (week days) without any signs of over-training. I have tried running on that schedule but developed ankle and knee pain, so I feel rebounding is better for that style of training. I use a 15 minute rebound session to warm up for yoga and weight lifting."

-Josh Blacksher

Shape Magazine: "Rebounding can provide a scientifically sound workout for cardiovascular improvement and weight management."

-Len Kravitz, Ph.D.

"That roll of stretched skin that appears on a woman's tummy after having a baby, (I have had three) can disappear, and with commitment to your rebounder, DOES. It combats depression, stops menstrual cramps, increases circulation in your face and thus decreases wrinkling and gives you the appearance of youth."

-Lynda Leah Lown



"...she [nurse practioner] couldn't believe my age. She said, 'you have the bones of a 17 year old!' The reading was done with a Sahara Clinical Bone Sonometer and measured a T-score of 2.8. Pretty amazing for someone my age. I'm sure that this test was a result of my exercise on a rebounder, my eating habits and good mental health. Thank you Al for all your research and dedication to this form of exercise. It works wonders if you work at it."

-Sue Trip, stripp@onemain.com



Want technical information? Click here to read notable quotes and studies by NASA, JCPR...

"My name is Meg knoll and I live in Wisconsin. I'm writing to thank you so much for getting rebounding out where people can see it and realize how great it is! I was someone that was told by my doctor that I needed to stop compression exercise, because of my back. I had been a jogger and an aerobic exercise person for many years. I didn't know what to do! Walking just didn't do it for me! ...All I can say is THANK YOU! I absolutely love rebounding and it is just marvelous exercise! I've had no problems with my messed up back and neck - if anything, rebounding has strengthened my back. I just wanted you to know what it's done for me and that your website is an excellent source of information. I've talked up rebounding with anyone that will listen and sent many people to your website."




"What is my primary objective? Weight loss, tone, and a change in my exercise routine. It's a fun way to make sure I get some aerobic exercise every day. ...I also like the idea of being able to get a good aerobic workout indoors without going to the gym. I have a treadmill but it's so boring!"

- Wendy Lehnert



"Right now I rebound three days a week, will work up to five or six. 20 minutes at a time, again, I will work my way up to a longer period of time. My objective is to lose weight and tone. I used my rebounder about 13 years ago to lose 40 pounds, therefore, I know it works (along with dieting). I have a free gym membership through my work, but I choose to use this method of exercise instead because I can use it in the privacy of my own home and it's fun."

-Heather Donatini



"I am rebounding five days a week, but only for two ten minute periods a day. I'm still new at this. My objectives are tone and lymphatic system stimulation at age 49. Rebounding is enjoyable and the time passes quickly. I feel strengthening and toning in the backs of my legs, around my knees and across my back. I need to start increasing the duration this weekend."



"My name is Ray Koncsol. I'm a 62 year old gentleman that was diagnosed as having Muscular Dystrophy in 1976 in Pittsburgh, Pa. In 1981 I retired in Florida and weighed about 225 lbs. In 1983 I bought the book "The Miracles of Rebounding" and my first rebounder. I have kept your book at my bedside for many years and have read it so much that I have had to use tape to keep it bound together.

Over the years my rebounding has gone from 45 minutes a day to nothing. Sometimes when I got really lazy and would not rebound for a long time, my mobility would get so bad that I could hardly walk without looking like I'm going to fall over any minute.
Other times when I was on a streak of consistent daily exercise I would walk so normal that when I would tell people that I had MD they would say they hadn't noticed anything in my walking.

What I'm trying to say is that I have to sincerely say that I believe that rebound exercise has kept me out of a wheelchair for the last 18 years or at least the last 5 years. I have a record of every jump I've ever done on a rebounder kept in annual diaries and I can look back and tell the good years from the bad years according to how much time I spent on the rebounder.

I have to put my rebounder in the hallway and hold onto the door jambs because my balance is not so good but right now I'm back to rebounding almost daily ( I've rebounded 93 out of the last 96 days ). I have atrophy in the front of my ankles so even when I'm doing the strength bounce my toes will not leave the mat but I do the best that I can. Over the last 3 months, I've sometimes rebounded for 30 minutes a day and sometimes for over 50 minutes a day. I've made a promise to myself that I'm going to do at least something every day no matter what.

I now weigh about 185 lbs and would like to lose about 20 lbs in the midsection and have that as my goal over the next year. My main goal through rebounding to make myself a productive person as far as income is concerned so I'm not a burden to my son or my family. I would like to become a member of your organization but will have to wait until I can get the funds together to get one of your units. I came across your website last week and have spent hours looking at everything I could find on rebounding.

It's really nice to see how rebounding may finally get the recognition that it certainly deserves. I hope I can be a part of introducing the best exercise known to man to a truly uneducated public. I wanted to write and thank you for what you introduced back in 1979 because as I said before.......I would be in a wheelchair if I had not read your book and started rebounding.

Thanks a Million ! ! !"

- Ray Koncsol


"Thank you for our pleasant conversation yesterday. I just wanted to take a moment to reiterate some of the reasons I'm truly enjoying the rebounder your company makes.

As I mentioned, my wife purchased a ReboundAIR™ through Ariel Moss, a personal friend of ours for many years, after her enthusiastic recommendation. When it arrived, I liked the construction of it, and knew it was a serious piece of exercise equipment that was well designed. I read the book my wife also received (The New Miracles of Rebound Exercise) and was quite impressed with the data presented by Mr. Carter. After watching the video ("Keep on Rebounding"), I was hooked. That was 3 months ago; now my wife can't get me off the thing!

As a physician, I'm aware of the problems of degenerative diseases and the new information attempting to help us all achieve healthy aging. Diet, exercise, and nutritional supplementation seem to be an important part of this equation. What I like most about the rebounder is the fact that it's regular use can help maintain muscle mass, bone density, aerobic capacity, balance, cardiovascular fitness, and reduce insulin resistance - all of which become problematic as we age. Additionally, it's easy and pleasurable to use, has no parts to essentially break down, is portable, and most important of all, quiet (I have to exercise very early in the morning before work, and I can use the rebounder easily without waking the whole house.)

It's the first type of exercise that I've been able to consistently use every day as part of my overall health routine. Since beginning, I've noticed improved stamina, overall strength, balance, flexibility, decreased stress, and better sleep - all without stress on my joints. I have even knocked several strokes off my golf game!

I have owned a NordicTrack, and a treadmill, and done cycling, swimming, and jogging, and used gym equipment; this far exceeds the benefits I received from those types of exercise. Adding a light weight routine a few days a week while jogging on the rebounder rounds out a perfect regimen for me that only takes me about 25 minutes daily.

I'm truly delighted with the quality and design of the rebounder, and I appreciate all of the research and time your company has put into producing such a quality exercise aid. Thank you.

p.s.- thank you for sending me the tape and book, as my wife plans to take hers with her when she travels."

- Martin Towbin, M.D.


I Have been using the cheap WAL-MART trampoline, not knowing that so much research and improved rebounders were available. I recently house-sat for a friend for a month and used her ReboundAIR. The difference sold me! "

-Sandra Smith, Wendell, MA